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About Us

About Us

Our story is an open house. Come in, look around.

We are a design & build specialist contractor who can offer complete construction services. Our company goal is to be known as the best.

From turn key house building to single trade solutions. Through our experience we have developed in to a complete service provider.  Our natural growth has meant that we can supply our clients with a range of trade solutions that integrate design and management.

Historically our past is founded in carpentry and joinery.  It is where our reputation was established and formed the basis for our growth.  Gaining experience on build sites we observed and learn’t all aspects and found opportunities to improve.  With every step we created opportunities and increased our reputation.

Our heritage can be traced back to 1861 where our founding fathers (or great, great Grandfathers) traded in the commercial sector.  From warehouses to country homes, their work was important for the growth of infrastructure and commerce and the growth of our service.
These trades were passed down from father to son and has been a stable in our family for generations.  We have grown and adapted with each evolution and come to be known as a service that can be relieved upon.

Our Core Values

Building Relationships

We aim to fully understand the needs and objectives of our customers by building lasting relationships through communication, loyalty, trust and commitment.

Offer Value

We always strive to offer best value through efficient sourcing, purchasing and stock management and by developing long-term partnerships with our suppliers.

Find Solutions

We always look for innovative ways to achieve cost-effective, energy efficient solutions for our clients and demonstrate our dedication to the success of their projects.

Take Responsibility

We take great pride in our exceptional Health and Safety record and in our commitment to achieving compliance. Sustainability is also a key focus to guarantee our contribution to building a low carbon, sustainable future.

Provide Opportunity

We always offer opportunities to the people within our business to undertake training and to work across different departments with the aim to give them a broad knowledge and skill base. Investing in people encourages them to embrace the company ethos and to take lasting ownership of their role.