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We manage every aspect to ensure you get the desired result.

Construction is the foundation for all other build services: it starts with it and it can always be part of its future.  Without construction nothing gets built.

At Charles Holden Ltd our experience with all aspects of construction from pre-build to post-build, means we understand the processes and requirements for a successful project completion.  From the management to resources to build, we have you covered with a service you can rely upon.

Our construction services include:

Design & Build

Based on your needs, requirements and budget, we will assemble a team that will bring your vision to life.  We will research, hire, lead and manage the all of the required staffing and provide all of the services of a Construction Manager.

General Contracting

We will aim to provide a comprehensive estimate that will be based upon your supplied, completed construction drawings. We will then develop an accurate construction schedule and work to deliver a quality project that is completed on-time and within budget.

Construction Management

We will aim to provide an accurate estimated cost of construction and continuously check prices and costs. We will troubleshoot design and constructability issues throughout the project and advise on changes to methods and/or materials to prevent change orders and reduce expenses.

Pre & Post Construction

The work that is done both before and after the build of a project is critical to a successful completion. From cost estimates to schedule, and budget development through to project close-out and warranties, you can be assured that we will be there with you every step of the way.