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Dry Lining & Plastering


Full walls, partitions and plastering / tape and jointing
carried out to the highest of standards.

We work on commercial, industrial and refurbishment building projects that require expert, compliant dry lining and plastering finishes.

Dry lining is a popular and widely used technique and most new and modern housing constructions use this method. Compared to traditional wet plastering, dry lining is much cleaner and quicker to apply.  Dry lining involves fixing plasterboard to different surfaces, such as timber, metal and masonry.

We offer a full range of boards for dry lining to suit all applications:

We can adapt to your specification and the needs of the project


  • Acoustic – can assist with sound-proofing
  • Moisture Resistant – where moisture needs to be controlled

  • Fire Resistant – used to meet fire retardant regulations
  • Impact Resistant – used where strength is a key factor

Our expert teams use the best quality plaster are able to skim over the entire surface to create a smooth finish, ready for decoration.