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Internal Fit Out


The complete fit-out solution

How you treat the inside of your project will set the tone and personality of the project and will reflect the function and feel of final development.  It is an opportunity to express your style and taste and help form the message that you want to convey.

Charles Holden Ltd have a stringent commitment to producing a high quality finish.   We are confident that our skilled craftsmen will display high standards from beginning through to completion.  Charles Holden Ltd offer high-end internal fit outs for commercial and residential premises throughout the UK. Our many years of experience Combined with out expert, knowledgeable team, means we can provide a fit out that meets your needs, budget and timeframe.

Partitions & Doors

We can supply a diverse range of office partitions and door installations to suit all commercial needs. Whether you are looking to separate your workspaces or simply create a fresh and modern look for your new office, Charles Holden Ltd can assist you from the complete design right through to the implementation of your office partitions and doors.

Our emphasis is on delivering a high standard of finish that helps to enhance the aesthetics and practicality of your office in a cost effective manner.

Our experience and expertise ensures that we can handle a wide variety of partition and door installations including:

  • Plasterboard and glass
  • Acoustic partitions
  • Frame-less glass doors
  • Plasterboard walls
  • Plasterboard wall with timber door and glass sidelite
  • Framed glass partition

Ceiling designs are currently ‘in’ in the world of interior design so why not give visitors a reason to look up.  Paying attention to the design of your ceiling can enhance the visual appeal of your premises and create a strong lasting impression. Charles Holden Ltd are experienced in supplying and installing a wide range of ceiling types, from the standard plasterboard ceiling grid right through to unique ceiling materials with enhanced acoustic properties. All ceilings can be made out in a range of colours and can be installed with high levels of efficiency to ensure that your solution is cost effective.

Our range of ceiling designs and materials encompasses the following:

  • Plasterboard ceilings
  • Bulkheads and coffered ceilings
  • Suspending ceilings
  • Acoustic ceilings

Having a long established history in joinery and carpentry or specialised team can help design and implement a custom office or shop fit-out solution that is aesthetically appealing, features high standards of workmanship and fits within your specified budget. Whether it be a modern reception design or a feature-rich boardroom comprised of unique details, Charles Holden Ltd are well placed to provide you with the right solution. From the inception of your project we will be able to interpret your needs and ideas into the design and incorporate the results in to an impressive finish for your premises.

Glazing and Aluminium

From a stunning frontage through to an interior that creates an impact, glazing and aluminium is a great combination for creating a modern and attractive appeal for your premises. We can provide you with the practical advice to ensure that the use of glazing and aluminium not only looks aesthetically appealing, but is also constructed using the appropriate materials enabling your project to standout. We can also supply and install glass films or window blinds to effect increased privacy.

Fire Rated Ceilings, Partitions and Doors

We have extensive experience in supplying and installing fire rated ceilings, partitions and doors. We only use fire rated ceilings, partitions and doors in order to comply with specific building regulations. The most common categories of fire rated fit-outs range from 30 minutes to 2 hours which is why it is essential that the correct materials and installation techniques are implemented.

The complete fit-out solution