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Land Acquisition


Planning Policy, Land Database & Contact Networks

Charles Holden Ltd are always on the lookout to acquire and manage high potential properties and land.  We see potential everywhere and our experts are always ready to help and advise.

We can develop under-utilised and/or under-performing residential and commercial properties across the UK.  We are always on hand for management and consultation services for a variety of private sector and commercial clients.

Things to consider when sourcing sites:
  • Feasibility Study & Impact Analysis: This should cover technical, logistical, legal, environmental and financial considerations.
  • Check Planning Permission Status: Check for any issues with the local authority and apply in good time before the project starts.
  • Needs Assessment: This will outline the objectives of a your project, including the type of building, desired materials, space needed, groundwork’s, etc.
  • Site Survey: This survey helps to ensure that the selected site is appropriate for your project. This will make sure the building can be constructed according to all local codes, ordinances and regulations.
  • Building Design: Rough elevations, the needs assessment and the site survey are incorporated into the final building design along with any desirable features or requests.

We are well versed in all of these aspects and have extensive experience with land acquisition and development.  Our professionals are here to help and advise.